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Hello! My name is A. Gabriela Z. Rodriguez. I am a sculptor. I sculpt 1:12 scale handmade miniature animals & dolls. I make miniature realistic cats, dogs, birds, piglets, hedgehogs & many wild life animals. I love to make 1:12  children, girls, ladies, famous characters or fantasy figures like fairies or elves. I hope you enjoy my galleries. Feel free to contact me with any question you may have.

What do you use to make your sculptures ?

I make my handmade 1:12 animals with a very strong polymer clay over wire armatures. Then I fur with a coat of natural alpaca wool. My dolls are also handmade in polymer clay, their hair is tibetan wool or mohairn

Do you sell or ship worldwide ?

Yes! I do ship any country. All my work is in private collections around the world 🙂

Where do you sell your work ?

I sell my work here in my shop, ebay & etsy. You will find links in my «About» page.

What scale are your sculptures ?

I usually make my animals & dolls in 1:12 scale for your dollhouses, dioramas, roomboxes or simply as a collection item. I also work in larger scale often.

Do you make custom orders ?

By now, I stopped making custom orders. But you can contact me with any question you may have.

do you have tutorials ?

If you would like to learn to make miniature animals & dolls, I am preparing several that will be available on my shop very soon.